Touch and Gesture Performance is Further Enhanced with Windows 8.1

Microsoft just launched the updated Windows 8.1 operating system, formerly known as Project Blue, and Synaptics has continued to work very closely with the company to more tightly integrate touch and gesture support into the overall design and functionality of the operating system. This technical collaboration between the two companies will ensure a more consistent and reliable touch experience across the range of devices that will be built for the system. By creating a proficient specification standard for Microsoft’s precision touchpad technology, an inferior touch experience is eliminated from reaching consumer devices.

In addition to reliable touch functionality on all Windows 8.1 devices, touchscreen and touchpad gestures are more tightly integrated, resulting in a consistent experience regardless of how you interact with the device.  Windows 8.1 is the most advanced touch-based operating system to date and the tight collaboration between Synaptics and Microsoft ensures the most reliable experience possible.